Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Part of building your case against your timeshare or travel club is to point out the less than stellar lifestyle of their sales representative. 

People who work in the timeshare business make a lot of money and party very hard. Some states do not require any type of licensing for someone to sell timeshare. Travel Clubs never require a professional license. Guess where the worst of the worst go to work at?

If you are trying to prove your sale person lied to you, it makes your case a lot stronger if you can show that person has a record for drugs, alcohol abuse or a felony conviction.

I have discovered sales people who were pedophiles, drug users and out and out crooks. The kinds of things a resort wouldn't want to end up on the evening news.

I have made it easy to order a background check through Verify First. Click on the Buy Here button for background checks. I will send you a form for names and location. I can usually have your request in .pdf form within 24 hours and it only cost 19.95 through Paypal.

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