Ready to get out of that Timeshare or Travel Club? My new book will guide you step by step on how you can get that fraudulent contract cancelled and get money refunded.

My book will guide you step by step on how to present your case to the resorts or travel club demanding out of your contract and money back.

It includes letters you need to cancel your autodraft, stop harassing collection calls, contacting the proper government offices and how to get help from the media. 

You will start by sending a dispute letter stating your intentions, and informing them to stop the auto payments and you will be sending evidence to back up your claim.

The book also includes a questionnaire for you to answer that will remind you of your sales presentation and what promises we're made that we're just not true.

Don't pay some company 1500-2000 dollars to get you out of your contract. You can do it just as effectively at a fraction of their cost. Besides most of these companies list in their fine print, if you are foreclosed on, then they have gotten you out of your timeshare.

Follow these steps and get free of that burden before your next maintenance fees are due.

Email for more information or order using Paypal button at right.Book will be delivered in by email the same day in pdf format.

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  1. Have you dealt with CVS, TVS, Resort Villa Vacations, Triad International , Suitelife Vacations Club Inc.? They all are the same company they just keep chanigng their name - they operate out of 690 Rowntree Dairy Road, Suite 201, Woodbridege, ON L4l 5T7. The have been scamming innocent citizens in Canada for at least 10 years. Numerous complaints can be seen at this website: I bought years ago when I went there on a telphone promise that they could get me out of my Fairfield Timeshare. Instead they scam me into buying a timeshare from them when they lied and said they they rented Disney Animal Kingdom weeks for $499.00. I tried to get out the next day and they told me I couldn't - I have never used the time share during the 7 or 8 years I have had it as the company has not ethics and I am disgusted that they preyed and continue to prey on families in Ontario. Since that time I have found that most companies that tell you they will help you get out just want to charge you $2000.00 and really can't. How do I know you are truly out to help families?

  2. One good reason is my book is only 49.95. If you want to order the research I have gathered it will save you some time. But you can look up all the research online if you will take the time to do it.
    I also will do most all of the work for you, and I only charge 337.50 to order court records. Then I get 9% commission when you get out of the timeshare and your money back. If I was just after your money I would be like these other companies and ask for 2000 up front.
    Yes I have dealt with CVS owners and they are a scam like all these clubs who change their name every few years to dodge lawsuits. email me at

  3. Can you help me out of my timeshare with Silverleaf. I and my wife were pressured to buy 14 months ago. I contacted them and told that we were unhappy of the high tactics they use. and when we review their place of location either we have to travel far or place is unsuitable. I am financially hard up and when I told them to give up, they won't allow me.

  4. I don't see Suitelife Vacations Club in Woodbridge. Do you have any research on them?

    1. Yes I am compiling research on Suitelife, there are too many to list here