Thursday, July 18, 2013


What's available in the research I offer? Hundreds of pages on complaints from other owners, past lawsuits against the resorts, news articles and attorney general findings. Whether you buy the book or have hire an attorney and are suing, this research complied over years will help you.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Notify the credit card company that you want to dispute the purchase. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, the credit card company must acknowledge your dispute in writing and conduct a reasonable investigation of your problem.
You may withhold payment of the amount in dispute, until the dispute is resolved. (You are still required to pay any part of your bill that is not in dispute.) To protect your rights under the Fair Credit Billing Act, you must send a written notice about the problem to the credit card
company at the address for billing disputes specified on your billing statement within 60 days after the first bill containing the disputed amount is mailed to you.

*From Federal Trade Commission

Monday, June 24, 2013

Thousands of timeshare owners face unexpected repair bill

CALGARY- Timeshare owners at the Sunchaser Villas in Fairmont B.C. were taken by surprise when they were billed for repairs at the resort.
Glenn and Terry Graversen of Calgary have had a two-week timeshare at Sunchaser Villas for the past 16 years.
They now have to pay $4,000 for renovations to the villas or as an alternative, pay $3,000 to cancel their contract.
The vacation villas at Fairmont went bankrupt several years ago and the new owner says the assessment is necessary because maintenance had been neglected for years.
But the Graversens say this isn’t what they signed up for. The couple says they have paid maintenance fees every year and it isn’t their fault the previous owners of the resort let maintenance slide.

“My concern is that they purchased it and now they’re making us pay for their mistake of purchasing a property that wasn’t worth what they paid for,” says Terry Graversen.
The new company running Sunchaser says timeshare members weren’t charged enough for upkeep in the past, and without this renovation, they stand to lose their investment.
“We believe the owners probably should have been charged about $300 to $400 a year more for the last 15 years to properly address the maintenance of the resort,” says Kirk Wankel of Northwynd Resort Properties.
The company says most of the money will be be used to replace the Poly-B piping throughout the resort. The plastic piping has been banned because it leaks.
Timeshare members in Alberta and B.C. have hired lawyers to fight the case.
They will be in court next month.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


On the right side of the page you will find several more research packets available on US, Canadian, Carribbean and Mexican Resorts. There is also several Travel Clubs listed.

Whether you are ordering my DIY Book or if you have retained an attorney and plan to go to court, this research is invaluable. An attorney would charge hundreds to do this research for you.

You were lied to during your presentation? You are not alone. This research contains hundreds of owners who are telling the same story as you.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

It Works

When you go after these travel clubs and timeshares and force them to let you out and get your money back, they will have you sign a nondisclosure form and retract all the posted complaints online. It may be unfair but the important point is you get out and your money refunded.

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Get Research on Your Resort

Get Research On Your Resort or Travel Club

I have worked several years and countless hours researching complaints, court records, news articles and emails from timeshare and travel club owners who were tricked and lied to during their sales presentation.

Whether you have purchased my ebook or have decided to hire an attorney and sue your Resort Company. This research will help you show how you are not among just a few owners who are wrongly dissatisfied. Show them that there are thousand of victims with the same complaints as you. They keep telling the same lies over and over again.

You can now buy the past research on your resort or club. All research is compiled from public records, internet and newspapers. If you are ordering the DIY Get Out book then the research with save you many hours of work.

If your resort or club is not listed to the right please email me at to find out what research is available. I have information on lots of resorts, too many to list on the Buy Now buttons.

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My book will guide you step by step on how to present your case to the resorts or travel club demanding out of your contract and money back.

It includes letters you need to cancel your autodraft, stop harassing collection calls, contacting the proper government offices and how to get help from the media. 

You will start by sending a dispute letter stating your intentions, and informing them to stop the auto payments and you will be sending evidence to back up your claim.

The book also includes a questionnaire for you to answer that will remind you of your sales presentation and what promises we're made that we're just not true.

Don't pay some company 1500-2000 dollars to get you out of your contract. You can do it just as effectively at a fraction of their cost. Besides most of these companies list in their fine print, if you are foreclosed on, then they have gotten you out of your timeshare.

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